09 fevereiro 2010

Um calendario especial para um ano MUITO especial

Simplesmente porque este é um ano muito especial para a gente, resolvi comprar um calendario que também fosse muito especial.

Chegou na semana passada, direto da Carolina do Norte (EUA). Descobri este casal de artistas no Etsy e me apaixonei pelo trabalho deles. Sao super simpáticos e o calendario é divino. Estou procurando o melhor cantinho da casa para pendura-lo com todo o carinho do mundo!

This is a very special year for us with the arrival of our first baby, so why not buy a special calendar as well?

It arrived last week, directly from the US. I've discovered Don and Dee's Etsy store not long ago and I completely fell in love with their beautiful work. The calendar is divine. I'm now searching for a very special corner in the house to hang it...

2 comentários:

ourlittlelovenest disse...

Oh that is such a nice post. Thank you so much for linking us. I love that we get to know you a little through your lovely blog. Our congratulations on your soon to be arriving little sweetie! I am so happy that our calendar is gracing your home. You look positively wonderful!! (Wish I looked so good when I was pregnant.)
Sending you happy thoughts and best wishes!!
~dee (and don, who is at work right now but I am sure he will love this post too!)

Vanessa Ribeiro disse...

Hi Dee, you're always so sweet :-) Already found a very nice corner of the house to hang our new calendar...

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