28 janeiro 2010

Gabinet Ginecològic

Médico hoje... bebê vai bem, está grandinho e já pesa 2 kg. O Dr. Boguña até já me deu a listinha de coisas que preciso levar ao hospital no dia D e também o celular das parteiras, Carmen e Irene.

Já está de cabeça pra baixo e hoje na sala de espera nao parava de se mexer e teve crise de soluços... passei uma vergonha, esse menino já está me dando trabalho!

Doctor appointment today... baby is well and quite big, two kilos already! Dr. Boguña gave a list of things that I should prepare and bring to the hospital on D. Day, as well as the mobile phone of the two midwives, Carmen and Irene.

Baby is already upside down and today at the waiting room he wouldn't stop moving and had a sudden hiccup crisis. I felt quite embarassed with my belly moving around non-stop, this boy is already giving me a hard time!

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Metropolitan Mum disse...

Oh, I remember that phase. The impatience to meet your little one...
Just in case nobody else gave you this advice you didn't ask for: go out as much as you can. NOW. Go to the cinema, have a massage, a facial, get your nails done. You are not going to find time for these things for quite a while.
xoxo MM

Vanessa Ribeiro disse...

Great advice, and I'll take it for sure!!!! Just got highlights (even if certain people at the hairdressers stared at me thinking judging I was a bad mother due to the chemicals arggghhh) and theater tonight.

BTW, I always read your blog, it's very cool!

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